James S. Titcomb

City Commissioner 1996-'99
Vice Mayor 1997-'98


February 2, 2002, Jamie married Nellie Denahan Titcomb. She is now a Math Teacher at Park Vista Community High School in Palm Beach County

Jamie's Political History:

Thank You City of Boynton Beach, Florida! It was a pleasure serving you as an elected official. Together we left this city a better place to live, work & play! Not to rest on our laurels, there's always more we can do.

Jamie was first elected as City Commissioner of Boynton Beach, District 1 on March the 12th, 1996. At the time he was serving as the Chair-Elect of the Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce, when he was asked to run by local residents and community activists to fill the unexpired term of the Hon. Sid Rosen, who died in office prior to the end of his term. Jamie won 53.8% of the vote in a field of four candidates to take the seat. Endorsed by both the Sun-Sentinel and The Palm Beach Post, Jamie avoided a run-off election and clearly received a mandate to move Boynton positively forward into the future. The papers declared that this was the first progressive and cooperative city commission Boynton had had in many years!

On February 11th, 1997, Jamie was automatically re-elected without opposition for his second term. The City held no election for the first time since its charter in 1920! Commissioner Titcomb was appointed the Vice Mayor for that year (the Commission appoints a Vice Mayor from themselves each year, right after the local election). Jamie stepped down March 12th, 1999 after serving his full second term. The city of Boynton Beach had some of the most restrictive term limits in the State of Florida at that time. You could serve two, two-year terms and then you had to step down. They have since modified that to two, three-year terms.

From February 1999 to June 2011, Jamie served as Executive Director at the Palm Beach County League of Cities, Inc, a non-profit, non-partisan, advocacy  and intergovernmental membership organization for officials of 38 municipalities and other interested parties.

Jamie served
over the past year as a Village Manager and an Interim Town Manager in Palm Beach County. In 2012, he has started a new company in governance best practice design and consulting. Visit us at www.govtecnics.com